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Gifchy's Reviews

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Gifchy's Reliability

Gifchy has never missed a scheduled booking and is also very seldom late for bookings. This type of reliability is rare for younger escorts so she is highly recommended if you want someone reliable.

Mickey's Honest Review of Gifchy

13th of April 2017

Gifchy is a friend of mine who I've known for a few years and who is from the same home town as me. She contacted me again recently for the first time in about 2 years since I last spoke to her. Just so happened that I was traveling back home and she was there too for a visit. Hung out, drank a lot, had fun, and then she explained what the real reason was for she wanted to meet with me. She wanted to join our group. I wasn't sure how she'd do as I don't think she really understood what was involved, but I did know she's an amazing person and would appeal especially to those interested in Kea yet I thought she'd be better than Kea in many ways.

She's had a few clients now and very good reviews so far. If you like them legally young and cute then Gifchy and Kea are both great choices. They are both great for short-time meetings but Gifchy I'd recommend as better for longer meetings.

Gifchy has said that she really enjoys doing this and glad she's joined us. Her clients are also reporting she's great. I've gotten very few complaints about her but a few have commended that her English is limited which makes longer meetings a bit difficult and some have noted that she's very self-conscious about her boobs being saggy and so she doesn't want to remove her bra but she's very comfortable taking everything else off and has a nice body.

Escort: Gifchy

Date: 14th of Aug 2019


Gifchy is the embodiment of a hassle-free companion. Many have already commented on her skills as a lover and they are all true. However, sometimes I just dont feel like going out and all I want to do is relax and watch a movie on TV. Gifchy was the perfect girl for this occasion. When I was with her, I felt all my stress vanish. She had this way about her that just put me at ease. Bangkok is a city that can really get the adrenaline pumping but a few hours with Gifchy enabled me to sit back and just exhale. I booked her for a 12 hour overnight and she took care of me like a true girlfriend and even gently hummed me to sleep. If you have a long flight in, I HIGHLY recommend making her the first woman you see. Her touch eased the tension from my body and her voice soothed my headache. Gifchy was the jet lag cure I very much needed.


Response from Gifchy: Thank you for nice review

Length of booking: 1 Day

Would you recommend Gifchy to other clients? yes

Would you hire Gifchy again? yes

Escort: Gifchy

Date: 21st of Jul 2019


One reviewer said it was about the chemistry, and he is right. While it did not work 100% for him, it did for me, from the first second.Gifchy has a wide range of expressions, from being bubbly and playful to being self-confident yet shy. Yes, her English is limited, but there was always communication, it was not boring for a second. I found her shyness just adorable, teasing me to be nice to her. Sex was like a hurricane, a force of nature, relaxed, intense, no ready script--that was the secret. She says she prefers longer bookings, and now I am going through my calendar to see when I can see her again, and yes, longer would be better, more time for play and improvisation. Chemistry for me: explosive, addictive, unforgettable. Wow, thanks for some really good time!


Response from Gifchy: Wow! Thanks for such a nice review. I felt the same about you and look forward to seeing you again.

Length of booking: Short-Time

Would you recommend Gifchy to other clients? yes

Would you hire Gifchy again? yes

Escort: Gifchy

Date: 5th of Jul 2019


Actually if given the chance i would rate her 4.5/5 in the site but its a whole number here in the site, why?? well the only downfall i didnt like is that she was shy showing her body to me and was a bit of a turn off on my part. But calming her down and making her relax by the end of the night, she eventually showed but she wasnt too confident about it, even though I told her you look fine and be confident in yourself. I think there was also an issue with the language as her english was limited but she understood but am not taking that against her. Overall for me, maybe she isnt my type of girl (Chemistry wise), but dont get me wrong, she is a really nice girl, cute, sweet and charming. A person you can trust and if you stay longer with her, she can be quite fun. Oh and i wont forget, she does give a good massage and she made me sleep so that is a good thing for me and made my muscle relax. For me, maybe she is not for me but for other give her a shot, she is a good girl and i recommend her, she is just not for me.


Length of booking: Short-Time

Would you recommend Gifchy to other clients? yes

Would you hire Gifchy again? maybe

Escort: Gifchy

Date: 4th of Aug 2018


It started like this, at first i contacted Ming and want to book Kea and Mabel. But both of them were unavailable that day so Ming suggested me with gifchy. Frankly saying, this girl is so lovely. I enjoyed my time with her. Although she is not fluent in english, but she can understand a little bit, as long as you are not talking too fast. She is so cute and seriously i really enjoyed my time being with her. She has her shyful part, but i will just have to say you dont have to be worried gifchy, you are such a pretty girl and be more confident with your beautiness. Communication is not really a problem for me. Google translate can also help here. But the trick is just to talk simple english and slowly. Meanwhile during the meeting, she came like 30 minutes early and i really like it when they informed me that she will be coming early. When she showed up, i was already mesmerize by her slender and cute face. The experience i had with her was absolutely amazing, she is a greay companion and would be great for a super gfe. The intimacy between me and her in bed was just superb, she is very playful and to be honest she made me tired a bit, lol. By the end of the day gifchy made me happy and i really appreciate the effort from gifchy tryna understand and listening to me very well. She is such an amazing gem.


Response from Gifchy: Wow!!! Thank you for nice review

Length of booking: Short-Time

Would you recommend Gifchy to other clients? yes

Would you hire Gifchy again? yes

Escort: Gifchy

Date: 22nd of Jul 2018


Gifchy is not only a pretty young girl but also a attractive women. Super GEF, she was always on my side and held my hand whether we were on shopping, taxi, Bar, or sit on sofa side by side. In bed room, she gave me a very relaxed massage with her soft touch and never rush. English is not so good, but we had a good communication via Google translation and it was a special and funny experience. I am happy to buy a little gift for her family and her smile is the best reward. If you want to get a super GFE, Gifchy will be the best choice. I will book her at my next holiday in Thailand.


Length of booking: 2 Days

Would you recommend Gifchy to other clients? yes

Would you hire Gifchy again? yes

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